Fr. James’s Homilies

Lent and Love: Action Required. Words Aren’t Enough.

March 11, 2019

Both Israel and Jesus were tempted in the desert. Israel professed its loyalty to God with their words. Jesus professed His loyalty to the Father (and to us!) with His actions. In doing so, Jesus showed us that true love demands action...not empty words. This Lent is our time to show (with our actions) that we love our God.

My goal at the Basilica is to promote the fullness of the faith--in my preaching, teaching, worship and outreach. I want the Basilica to become a place of refuge in Baltimore. I want to show the world that simply doing what Christ asks is enough to renew a Church, a City and the World. But I need help in achieving this goal. Please read my letter below and consider supporting our efforts. Thanks and God bless, Fr. James