Faith and Generosity–The Two are Totally Linked

November 12, 2018

Prior to my conversion, I invested ONLY in what I could see: the material: myself, my bank account, my possessions and my job. I did not have faith. Faith allows us to SEE beyond the material world. It allows us to SEE God. Once you see Him, what you invest in totally changes...


2-Fold Plan to Radically Change Baltimore (and the World)

November 4, 2018

Jesus Christ showed us exactly what 2 things we need to do to change the world. Mother Teresa followed them to a tee--and she changed the world. She was one woman. If we all do them, Baltimore will change quickly. We ALL have the ability to do this...


2 Responses to Suffering

October 21, 2018

There are 2 responses to suffering. One can say "Where is Jesus?" Or, one say see suffering in a person and say, "I see Jesus in him/her." When I visited "George" in the hospital many years ago, he was dying of cancer. He was sufering. I saw Jesus in him that day. I also saw Jesus save Him through his suffering. I will never forget that Saturday changed the way I thought of "suffering."


The Gaze of Christ

October 13, 2018

Had the rich young man not missed "the gaze" of Christ he never would have walked away sad. He would have gladly given up his material possesions to follow Jesus. But becuase he never noticed Christ looking at him with love, his story ended tragically. How will our story end? Will we notice "the gaze" or will we miss it? Will we allow the loving gaze of Christ to change our lives?


Jesus on Marriage and Divorce (Note: He Speaks Very Clearly)

October 7, 2018

Marriage was created by God--not man. It is SO holy. And yet our world is SO confused about it--which I get. We are victims of our culture (and very weak teaching). Time to change that. As marriages strengthen, so too will our world. Jesus is very clear about what marriage is and what it is not. He is also very clear about divorce and re-marriage. This is life and death stuff...


How to Control Your Passions (and Make Your Life Far More Enjoyable)

September 23, 2018

War. Violence. Abuse. Terrorism. Racism. These things can ALL be avoided if we learned how to check our passions early on (before they get to the boiling point). There are 3 easy things we can do to avoid sin and achieve peace...


True Reform is Needed Now

September 16, 2018

True reform is needed in the Catholic Church. And that reform must start with us. It must begin in our hearts, in our homes and in our rectories and parishes. Lip service isn't acceptable. Action is required. St. Peter shows us how it is done. Let's draw a line in the sand today--and begin this reform with renewed vigor. Who will rise up in our generation? Hopefully lots of us will. We must.


Show Up to Mass Expecting A Miracle. Don’t Just “Show Up.”

September 9, 2018

The spiritual life is about desire. We have to desire holiness. We have to desire healing. We have to desire to come to Mass. Those who desire to do God's will will experience miracles. Those who just "show up" will always be skeptical...and will eventually fall away. Do you desire holiness?


Porn, 10 Commandments, Matt Fradd and Your Heart-oh my!

September 2, 2018

To honestly say that you "love" God, you have to be follow His commandments and worship Him and Him alone. No other gods! Sadly, there are many false gods in our world--money, sports, self, success, lust (especially porn) and many others. Today's homily looks at 3 practical ways to purify your heart and give it completely to God.


The Eucharist and the Scandal

August 19, 2018

My hearts bleeds for all victims of all abuse. To think that any ordained priest could abuse another is unfathonable to me. I hurt with you and for you. I am angry too. But: We are united--most especially in the Eucharist--Jesus's own Body and Blood. It is Jesus who will heal all. Never leave Him. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Amen.