Fr. James’s Homilies

The Divine Mercy Secret: You Need 2 Suitcases to get to Heaven

April 19, 2020

On her deathbed, St. Bakhita said this:

“I’m going slowly, slowly towards eternity. ... I’m going with two suitcases: one contains my sins and the other, which is much heavier, contains the infinite merits of Jesus Christ. When I appear before the judgment seat of God, I will cover my ugly suitcase with the merits of Jesus and Our Lady and I will say to our eternal Father: “Now judge what you see.” Oh, I’m sure I won’t be sent away! Then I’ll turn toward St. Peter and I’ll say to him: “Close the door because I’m staying here.” 

This is the message of Divine Mercy. Do you have the second suitcase? Here's how to get it...